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Useful Corvette & NCRS Links

This page provides a collection of useful, NCRS and Corvette related web-links.


Corvette Clubs

Fame Fame is annually organising the biggest Corvette event in the Benelux (Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg). 
Heartbeat Corvette Club  
Independent Corvette Club  
Stingray '82  
The Belgium Corvette Club  
The New Paddock Corvette Club  

Corvette Information Sites

Corvette Hacks Find the technical edge for your Corvette. It's the hacker in you (not the troublemaking kind). The kind that drives innovation by trying new ways to get things done - the kind who makes the Corvette perform beyond it's limits through their own technical skills. 
Corvette Paint Codes  
GM Heritage Center - Vehicle Information Kits Over 800 Chevrolet Information Packages are now available for download free of charge. These packages contain basic specifications and equipment availability for most Chevrolet vehicles from 1913 to 2007. You may also purchase individual printed copies of information kits for all General Motors brands. 
Rochester Fuel Injection Site  
The Corvette Link page The biggest collection of corvette related links. Page is frequently updated. 
The Corvette Story  
The Early Corvettes (1953 - 1955) The 1953 to 1955 Corvettes were at one time the main focus of the Corvette collector and restoration hobby. Over the years, however, collectors and restorers started to focus on later cars. Collecting and restoring 53 to 55 Corvettes now represents a very small part of the Corvette hobby.

Those who drove, collected and restored 53 to 55 Corvettes generated a considerable amount of knowledge regarding these cars and their parts. This knowledge is now disappearing, as time marches on and the holders of the knowlege retire from the hobby.

This website is dedicated to those who first loved the 53 to 55 Corvettes, and attempts to pass on some of their knowledge and wisdom. The website also tracks sales of 53 to 55 Corvettes, to help those thinking of joining or leaving the ranks of 53 to 55 Corvette owners.  

Corvette Registration Sites

Registry of Corvette Race Cars  
The C2 Registry Corvette registration site for 1963 to 1972 cars 
The C3 Registry Corvette registration site for 1968 to 1982 cars 

Corvette Restauration

The Dutch Corvette Museum Website of the the Dutch Corvette Museum of Andre Boer (Dutch Site) 

Corvette Specialists

Corvette Europe Homepage Homepage of Corvette Europe. Latest information on the Corvette can be found here. 
The Dutch Corvette collection Webpage of Andre Boer's Dutch Corvette Collection. 

NCRS Chapters

Adirondack Chapter  
Arizona Chapter  
Australian Chapter  
Delaware Valley Chapter  
Heart of Ohio Chapter  
Illinois Chapter  
Indiana Chapter  
International NCRS Site Site of the NCRS mother-organization. 
Kansas City Chapter  
Louisiana Chapter  
Mason Dixon Chapter  
Metro-Long Island Chapter  
Miami Valley Chapter  
Michigan Chapter  
Mid Atlantic Chapter  
New England Chapter  
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Southern California Chapter  
St Louis Chapter  
Texas Chapter  
UK Chapter Website of the United Kingdom Chapter of the NCRS. 
Wisconsin Chapter  

Other vintage cars sites

Information site about Dutch Vintage Cars  

Videos on the internet

Body Drop video (of YouTube) 1967 body drop video published by the Michigan Chapter presented by John Hinckley and Jerry Antezak. 
N11 muffler reproduction seminar  
Summary of a '63 hardtop restoration seminar  

Websites Corvette owners

1953 Corvette #276